Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Only play on Labor Day

On Day 3, Carl’s adventure included another beautiful September day in Vermont!  

Family hookup #1:
He was able to meet up with his brother Lars at the fire tower on Glastenbury Mtn.  It was such a clear day, Lars said they could see forever from the top of the tower! He reported that Carl was in great spirits, feeling good, and really enjoying himself.  Traffic on the trail is lighter than Carl expected.  He’s only seen day hikers and a handful of people hiking the Appalachian Trail — no other end-to-enders yet.

Equipment failure:
On Day 2, Carl called to report that his new ceramic water filter cracked.  He already had a good amount of filtered water with him. He was able to finish filling up in a fast moving, cold stream and continue the day.  Lars brought him a purification drops on Monday that will hold him over until he hooks up with his other brother, Eric on Day 5 in Manchester.  He should be able to get a replacement water filter, there.

No word yet about the miles hikes or where he put up tent last night. I rest easier knowing with the report from Lars.  Thank you, Lars!

Liz signing off at HQ.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Liz! Hey Carl, glad everything is going well! Sorry to hear about the cracked filter. Hope all is well!

Unknown said...

You go Carl! You are doing great! I can't wait to swap adventure stories with you in October!

DVDV said...

Carl - What great weather. I hiked the LT last year during the same time period and enjoyed Hurricane Ernesto and its remnants for weeks.

The beautiful weather also brings challenges of finding drinking water - complicated by a cracked filter. I did meet several seasoned hikers who never filter. Not a recommendation, but in a pinch, I think we are safer that we know. As a fellow hiker was fond of saying, "I don't see any giardia..."

I am surprised at the lack of thru hikers. When I started last year. we had at least twelve just at Seth Warner the first night, all planning on going the distance. Plus there were many more who were just ahead of us. It made for a great first week of full shelters and incredible company. I am wondering if tenting it is keeping you from some of the thru traffic, both AT and LT.

However, I must add, I just came off from hiking the Lincoln Gap to Smugglers Notch section of the LT, and I too was surprised at the lack of thru hikers in either direction.

Be sure to cap off your first week with a pint of Guinness at the Inn at Long Trail! A MUST.

I look forward to future postings.

LT 2006

Hilary said...

Way to hold up the fort, Liz!