Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lincoln Gap to Ap Gap on a Sun-day!

With a good night's sleep, dry boots, a bellyful of good food from the night before (courtesy of the Picket/Staples Household), Carl got back out on the trail early this morning. He met up with Louanne Neilsen, and they plan to hike the 12 miles between Lincoln Gap and the Appalacian Gap, today. Louanne is a veteran LT hiker and advid Green Mountain Club Member. No doubt, Carl is in good hands!

As earlier entries indicate, Carl has been nursing a sore left leg tendon. It has been acting up toward the end of each day and causes a good amount of pain. Ibuprofen and rest has it ready for the next day, but to give it some rest, he's hiking with a light pack, today. Since he is able to come home tonight, the sleeping bag, rain gear, and days worth of food can sit on the back porch until tomorrow morning when he heads out for a long stretch between AP Gap and Jonesville.

Liz signing off at HQ.

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