Friday, September 7, 2007

Updates have been delivered!!!

Hello from HQ!

In and out of cell range, it has been a while since we had heard from Carl. He made it to Manchester on Wednesday and connected with his brother, Eric and family. With clean clothes, a hot shower, fresh supplies, and a good night's sleep, he was back on the trail Thursday morning. He had Eric send unneeded supplies back to HQ and included his journal notes for me to post. It will take a bit of time to sort through and get them posted, but I wanted to give you the latest news asap.

Yesterday he hiked 10.6 miles and tented at Griffin Lake. It was the only rough night of sleep to date due to the heat and humidity --- he said it was "hotter than a sucker"! He called from Baker's Peak at 9:45am and talked about the fantastic views. He sounds SO happy! Today he planned to make it to Greenwall which would total 13 miles for the day.

More to come from the hiker's own words....stay tuned!

Liz signing off from HQ

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Hilary said...

Wow, that's a lot of hiking! And heat! Hang in there, Carl!