Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Early start @ Bolton Notch Rd

Carl hit the trail at 7:35am this morning at the Bolton Notch Rd. With one of the nicest days yet, he was in store for a challenging hike up the forehead of Mansfield to Butler Lodge. No official word, yet. I imagine that he is out of cell range tonight.

Liz signing off at HQ


Anonymous said...

Glad that you have made good progress and that you have healed some of your hiking wounds. We spotted your parents' shining mirror. WOW!! Keep up the good work. We're pulling for you!!
Gus & Lou

jskea said...

Hi, guys. I finally got a google account to let you know I am following all the excitement. Great pictures, too. All my love to Carl's feet, legs and assorted muscles. Aunt Joanie

Ben's mom said...


I have really enjoyed following you on this adventure. I have to say that I loved the mirror connection. Great pictures, too. Your are definitely on the down side now -- Good luck on those last few miles!
Ben's mom