Friday, September 14, 2007

9 miles Hiked today. Chillin' at Skyline Lodge

So Carl is chillin' out at Skyline Lodge for the evening, 5 or so miles north of Middlebury Gap. He says the views are unbelievable and the lodge is really nice.

He took things at a leisurely pace, making sure he didn't over due it. At the end of yesterday, his left leg was hurting. Seems the decents on Thursday were a bit hard on it. Today though, it feels good. When we hung up the phone, he was sitting on a ledge, looking west and taking in the scenary....ahhhhhh.

Thanks for all of your comments, love, and support!

Liz signing off at HQ

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Cal said...

Carl - I cannot express how inspiring your trek is for me.

It also reminds me of my many hikes in the Presidential Range of NH and a few hikes later in the Adirondacks.

Thanks for sharing your experience in words and pics.