Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Left Route 4 at about

Left Route 4 at about 9 AM. Went 12.7 miles, now staying at David Logan shelter, 7.4 miles south of Brandon Gap.


Liz said...

Spoke with Carl a few moments ago. Clear skies and relatively little change in elevation made the hike pleasant. Pretty chilly on top of the mountain but dry air is nice. He'll pass through Brandon Gap, tomorrow just before noon.

Unknown said...

Yo - Guitar Man!

Good reading, Carl & Liz. This is such a cool adventure - and so hip that you can share it with All Of Us. Now THIS is what a blog is supposed to be.
Keep up the terrific pace, photos, and commentary. This is as close to hiking the Long Trail as I'll ever get!

One foot after the other. Y'know - like one strum after the other in relentless quarter-note fashion that can swing a whole band for decades. Simple, pure, and powerful. You da man. Keep up the great work, Freddie. See you at the splanks.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Bro ! Carl and Liz, we are lovin the Blog, it is great. You guys are great !!

Wondering, Wandering said...

Hey, Carl!

Congrats on doing the LT! I dream of doing it again. It is about ten years exactly from when I did it mid-August to mid-September 1997.

Your blog brings back many memories--the craziness of packing (and I had to move out of our house in Morrisville the days before I left for the hike!), Pine Cobble w/ the pink rock, Harmon Hill steps that just kept going down, down, down (and where I saw an error in the guidebook I'd just edited!), the views from Glastenbury (magnificent), swimming in every southern LT pond, staying the night w/ Hugh and Jeanne in their little Stratton Mtn. cabin (what a trip), laying in the sun on White Rocks, a night at the Inn at the Long Trail. Thank you for blogging about the hard work of GMC volunteers and staff. Have fun and good luck on the rest of the trip! I'd love to get out there for a day when you get up north. And hello to Liz! It has been years since I've seen you -- probably 1997.

Summitseeker, LTE2E 97
Sylvia P.