Saturday, September 15, 2007

In From The Rain

I called to be picked up from Lincoln Gap at about 2:00 PM today. I got pretty soaked hiking the 10.5 miles out from Emily Proctor shelter and decided it wouldn't be much fun to continue, especially with such cool temperatures. It was a cold, wet, and blustery night last night and hiking many parts of the trail was like a wading in a small stream. Not good for the feet. Now I'm home taking it easy and drying out. I'm also concerned about some pain I've had in my left thigh. This started to flare up towards the end of each of the last three days and may be a strained muscle or tendon. It feels better each morning, maybe in part to some vitamin-I (ibuprofin). The weather looks good for the next few days, so now I just need to decide if I'll start back tomorrow, or wait another day. Can't let myself get too far behind.

Thanks for all the great comments!


Anonymous said...

Hey Carlose:
It was fun to pick u up today.The road over Lincoln gap must be one of the few roads in VT that I have never been on. It was also fun to walk south to meet u. Trail was very steep but easy to climb thanks to the LT maintenance folks. When I heard you coming I thought it was a moose. Keep a-walkin!

Dan S said...

Carl -

You seem to be right on schedule. I checked the map, and it looks like you're just about two-thirds of the way. The weather is supposed to be better in the next few days, so maybe you'll have it a little easier.

Keep truckin', and we'll keep the guitar chair warm for you.


Anonymous said...

You can do it!