Saturday, September 8, 2007

17 Miles Hiked. Tenting at the top of Killington.

Carl just arrived at Cooper Lodge at the top of Killington (9:15pm)...wet, tired and still happy! The lodge is full, so he's setting up the tent on a platform. The rain has stopped, and he's hoping things will dry out over night.

He's had quite a day. He didn't get much sleep last night on Domed Ledge because it was so hot and humid. This morning he made breakfast in and around a couple of brief rain showers. Shortly after hitting the trail, he came across a black bear. It was crossing the trail in front of him when it turned and looked right at Carl, then scurried up the hill at a good clip! I imagine that it rained most of the day which probably helped him keep a steady pace and the breaks short.

The good news is that tomorrow's hike will be a short jaunt down the mountain (5 or 6 miles) to meet his sweetie (that's me)! I plan to hike up from Route 4 and meet him on the trail. Carl had a few special requests, 2 trash bags to keep things extra dry, laundry detergent for doing laundry at the Inn on the Long Trail, and shaving kit (his disposable razor is about done). In addition to his drop box, I'll have some fresh fruit and other goodies. Word has it that there is a bar at the Inn, so cold beer will probably be a welcomed treat for Carl, too.

Liz signing off from HQ.


Unknown said...

Hey, Carl,
I can't imagine Bear going out of his way like that just to meet up with you. What a guy!

Anonymous said...

I knew you were a 'chick magnet,' but a 'bear magnet' - Oh, the power (read fragrance) of 8 days on the trail! I'm sure you enjoyed all that the Inn had to offer. You deserved it!